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For the Russian-Speaking Jews of Europe


What is Limmud?

Limmud is an educational conference for people of all ages and interests that is dedicated to Jewish life. Since its inception 35 years ago, Limmud has become one of the most successful Jewish cultural events in the world.

The first Limmud conference took place in December 1980, in Nottingham in Britain organized and attended by a small and dedicated group of volunteers. Forty participants gathered together to share their knowledge and to spend time in the company of like-minded people. More than 35 years have passed since then and Limmud has become the largest Jewish educational conference in the world. Today you can find Limmud in Jewish communities: from Johannesburg to New York, from Melbourne to Jerusalem, from Moscow to Birobidzhan. If you become involved, you could travel the world of Limmud conferences in many far-flung and interesting places.





Limmud FSU Europe is part of the large Limmud FSU (Former Soviet Union)     family. Limmud FSU was founded in 2006 by Chaim Chesler (Israel) and Sandra Cahn (USA) who brought the idea of Limmud to the post-Soviet states. Over time the conferences have reached out to Russian-speaking Jews in all corners of the world. The core features of Limmud FSU are pluralistic, egalitarian and volunteer-based: this has allowed us to strengthen Russian-speaking Jewish communities all over the world and connect Diaspora Jews to their culture, identity and history. For the last ten years Limmud FSU has organised a series of annual conferences and festivals across the globe: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Israel, USA, Canada and Australia. In February 2017, we will be launching Limmud FSU Europe in London!

More than a quarter of a million Russian-speaking Jews live in Europe and it is for them that we are developing Limmud FSU Europe. We expect several hundred participants and volunteers from all over the UK, the continental Europe, countries of the former Soviet Union and Israel. After the first conference in London, we plan to mount Limmud FSU Europe events in other European cities.

Presenters from past Limmud conferences

Victor Shenderovich


Andrey Makarevich


Andrey Movchan


Igor Guberman

writer, poet

Linor Goralik

novelist, poet, essayist

Andrey Bilzho


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You have something to say? Say it at Limmud!

Presenters at Limmud conferences include: academics, entrepreneurs, business people, artists, journalists, students, writers, poets, dancers, actors, and people who simply want to talk about their interests and passions. Everyone at Limmud is equal. A presenter at one session can become an eager participant in a workshop on another subject. Everyone is free to select the sessions they want to attend and thus create their own programme. The organisers, lecturers and presenters are all volunteers.



The three-day Limmud conference programme comprises seminars, master-classes, round-table discussions, debates, concerts, workshops, lectures and presentations, on a virtually limitless range of topics. Participants create their own programme, and decide which sessions to attend.


What is Limmud?

Limmud Moscow, 2015.

Four days in four minutes

Limmud Moscow, 2015.

Gefilte Drive – Bei Mir Bistu Shein

Limmud Volga-Ural, 2015.

Shahar Wiener (GetTaxi) – On startups

Limmud Moscow, 2014.

Limmud FSU Europe 2017

Andrey Movchan — 100 years of development, or The world 2015-2115 through the eyes of an economist

Limmud Moscow, 2015.

Igor Guberman — I’m a slave of my own freedom

Limmud Israel, 2015.

Nechama Polonskaya – Deductive, inductive and Talmudic logic

Limmud Israel, 2015.


Why participate?

Limmud is all about people: participants, volunteers and presenters are the core of each conference. Limmud events attract interesting and engaging people.


Limmud is a Jewish cultural and educational event designed for all of those who want to actively learn and take part in intense and exciting sessions.


It is no secret that Limmud is a great place to meet old and new friends. It is a warm and friendly environment where you might be able to find a new job or a business partner, to develop a new interest or make a new friend. Many even claim to have met their life partner at Limmud!


Limmud conferences are open to all those who want to learn: students and their parents, secular and religious, left-wing and right-wing and those who are neither. Regardless of your background, age and spectrum of observance you find yourself on, everyone will find something to suit their tastes and interests in a welcoming atmosphere of like-minded people.


In addition to the adult programme there is an innovative children’s programme that will engage children of different age groups throughout the conference with trained counsellors and teachers. Parents can plunge into Limmud’s vibrant atmosphere without worrying about their little Limmudniks!

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Have no regrets – make sure you attend Limmud!

Who makes Limmud happen?

All the organizers and presenters participate in Limmud on a volunteering basis. Lecturers are not paid and the entire conference is organised by volunteers who contribute their energy, skills and enthusiasm free of charge and for the common good. All this allows us to keep the cost of the conference at a minimum. It has been a tradition ever since the beginning of Limmud that participants pay their own way. However, volunteers, presenters and educators will receive a discount.

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Partners and sponsors

Wherever a Limmud Conference takes place there are always local partners and sponsors who take the initiative and help in the cause. It is the relationship of volunteers’ contribution and the selfless support from local partners that makes Limmud conferences and festivals possible.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Limmud FSU    .

We love business contacts, we appreciate any help from charitable organizations as well as individuals, and we view the media as our friends! Please let us know if you would like to offer financial support to Limmud – this could be in the form of a sponsorship package, or a simple donation. We will be very grateful for anything! We would also be delighted if your support could come in the form of assistance in accessing media outlets. If you are a journalist, just register – you will be issued with a press pass.

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Participation options


Whether you are interested in attending workshops, listening to lectures, or just hanging out with a cool crowd and relaxing – we can arrange it!


You are dying to do something useful?
– Welcome aboard! You can be sure we will find a way for you to contribute.


You have something to say? We have a microphone and we are listening! Just don’t forget to send us your presentation in advance.


You would like to act as a sponsor for the event or to receive a press pass?
– Enter here.

Preliminary registration is now open. Choose the participation option that suits you and fill out a short application form. It is very important and must be completed. This will allow us to estimate the number of participants, compile a budget and prepare the programme. Shortly we will be in a position to announce the venue and the exact dates, the cost of participation and to officially invite you to Limmud FSU Europe. Thank you and see you at Limmud!


Who can participate in Limmud?

Anyone, without limitation with regard to age, gender, beliefs or community participation, is welcome at Limmud! Whether you are young or just young at heart, Russian but not exactly, Jewish or not entirely, we will be happy to see you at Limmud.

Who can become a presenter at Limmud?

Anyone can apply to present a lecture, seminar, workshop, cultural event or a master-class. All applications will be reviewed by the Limmud Organising Committee, and those that best complement our programme as a whole will be welcomed.

Who organises Limmud?

The first Limmud FSU Europe Conference will take place in 2017 in Greater London. Like all Limmud events, it will be organised by a team of volunteers. We are all different, but we are united by a single goal – to make this a vibrant, informative, and deeply memorable event.

How is Limmud different from other events?

Limmud is a Jewish educational conference. We invite everyone to participate in the festivities, but the overarching theme is Jewish culture, history and identity, in the widest sense of the terms.

What do I have to do to attend Limmud?

To become a part of Limmud FSU Europe, you will need to register on our website and pay the participation fee. During the registration process you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. The answers will be used to help us in organising the event and maximising the benefit to all those attending.

What do the participation fees go towards?

Limmud is a non-profit organisation, driven by the efforts of unpaid volunteers. This significantly lowers the costs. Part of the conference costs are covered by Limmud FSU International, and another part by sponsorship. The balance is divided by the number of attendees, which yields the final participation fee. This is the basic arithmetic, which covers all aspects of the budget, including hotel accommodation, food, informational materials, logistics, health and security, and other expenses.

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