Registration VIENNA 2020

To participate in the conference, you must complete the registration form
which allows you to

register 1 to 4 participants of any age

reserve 1 hotel suite where all the participants registered by you will live

book your seats in Limmud buses or a hotel parking permit for private transport

make a payment by credit card, or PayPal

offer to become a presenter for a topic of your choice

volunteer for Limmud

All of the participants of Limmud FSU Europe must be registered despite age or type of the room they will be staying in. Every participant will get a badge, which will allow being on the premises of the Conference. Prior to sending us your filled out the registration form, please make sure that you have not forgotten anyone. The registration form only allows you to choose 1 room, which will be completely at your disposal during the Conference. We would like to remind that the programme of the conference will start at 15:00 on Friday, the 28th of February and will end on Sunday, the 1st of March after 14:00.

You can add up to 3 people to your registration form. The maximum amount of people permitted to stay in the same room is 4. If you are registering 5 or more participants please fill out the form for the appropriate amount of times, choosing the suitable room type and specifying with whom you would like to stay.

The food is included in the cost of the Conference and will be strictly kosher.

There are two separate programmes at Limmud FSU Europe one of which is designed for adults and the other one is run for children between the ages of 0 to 16. The timetable of the programme envisages carrying out a number of sessions at the same time in different rooms. During one parallel of the timetable, there will be sessions in Russian and English languages.

In case you have friends whom you would like to see as presenters on Limmud FSU Europe, please do not be shy, tell us about them while filling out the participant’s registration form or ask them to get in touch with us. If you would like to become a presenter yourself share with us the topic of your session in the registration form and the Programme Committee will consider your application. No matter what decision the Programme committee will carry out regarding your session, in order to be a part of Limmud FSU Europe you have to be registered as a participant of the conference.

Volunteer section of our website contains a detailed description and importance of all the useful roles one can carry out as a volunteer during the conference. In order to become a part of our big and friendly team please let us know of your wish to become a volunteer in the registration form.

Registration for Limmud FSU Europe will only be considered successful after the participation fee has been paid. You will receive confirmation of the registration on the e-mail that you have provided in the registration form. While filling out the form you can go back to the questions you have already answered and edit your answers if need be. We will receive your details only after you confirm your registration. The last question of the registration form asks you to agree with our Terms & Conditions. We would suggest having a look at them in advance.

It is likely that your potential question has already been answered in the FAQ section. In case we did miss something, please, contact the Participants Committee.


We accept debit and credit cards. You can also choose to pay by PayPal, and we’ll send you an invoice within 24 hours after registration. All payments are secured by Stripe. We do not save your credit card information.